Cason Simmons is a Nashville-based musician with a diverse background rooted in his home state of Tennessee.

He began his musical journey in his hometown of Henderson, TN, undertaking piano lessons.

A few years later, Cason studied mechanical engineering at The University of Tennessee. In 2009 he went to work as an engineer for Frito-Lay near Macon, GA, while always keeping a presence in the music scene there.

In 2016, Cason moved to Nashville to commit his time and focus to the music industry. He has since played with multiple acts as a lead guitarist, both locally & across the country; recorded & mixed projects for clients across multiple genres; mentored students; and worked in stage production. He is a full-time member of the Hindi rock band Strange Curry. His song catalog & presence as a writer continues to grow in Music City, and his first solo releases are happening in 2020…